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901 West Beacon Road, Lakeland, FL 33803

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(Just down the road from Starbucks)

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Recent Media




The Table




Making Change


He Is

Stop trying to find yourself...find HIM.

Socks & Underwear

Sometimes what you REALLY need, isn't even on your list

A Journey Through Luke


Squad Goals


The Right Man for the Job


Called to Serve


Not a Slave


All Things New

Need help with Spiritual Health?

Unwrapping Christmas

Taking a look at what Christmas really means.


Learn some foundational truths and deep insights from Paul's letter to the Romans.


Learn how our relationships can be godly and "on point"

Live the Vine Life

How the fruit of the Holy Spirit changes our lives.

A Walk Thru the Psalms

Ed Diaz teaches through two important Psalms.


A Study through 1 Timothy


A Look at some of God's Promises to Us

All Roads

Does every world religion really teach the same basic truths? Is Christianity any different or not?

Identity Theft

Don't let lesser things claim your identity. You are not your job, appearance, wealth, past, failures, relationships. You are a child of God

Talking Points: Letting God Weigh In

God's wisdom applied to hotly debated topics.

Heaven & Earth

At Jesus' birth, Heaven and Earth come together. That's significant.


YOU have a story. WE have a story. GOD is telling a story through us. Come hear the importance of stories.

Shine Like Stars

A Study in Philippians


Ever feel like a stranger in a strange land? ...As if you are living in a culture that is not your own? You are not alone.

Family Meeting

Prayer and reflection regarding Racial Reconciliation and Same-Sex Marriage.

Twisted Scriptures

Will God really never give you more than you can handle? We tackle this and other sentiments that often get twisted and believed.

Fact or Fiction?

Does God just want you to be happy? We'll tackle statements that are believed by many Christians and determine whether they are Biblical.

The Story

Want an overview of the entire Bible? This is a great 31-week series.

Self on the Shelf

Put yourself "on the shelf" this Christmas and put others first.

Just Give Me Jesus

Jesus. We need more Jesus and less of everything else.

Faith to Freedom

A study through Galatians


Biblical advice for Relationships, Friendship, Dating, Marriage, Singleness and Children.

40 to Life

A Journey from Judgment to Freedom


Our God is Greater than our Challenges. Our Future is Greater than our Past.

David & ___________

Learn about King David and the various characters in his life.

7&7 - 7 Letters & 7 Churches

Letters to Churches in Revelation

Grace & Truth

Shedding some light on Gray Areas

Before & After

Learn how Jesus has changed lives before and wants to do it again.


Getting to Know the Book of James

Love & Marriage

Learn about what the Bible has to say about Love, Dating, Marriage and Singleness