Welcome to Legacy Christian Church

We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings for one of our two worship experiences each week. The music and the feel of the services are pretty different, but the teaching content and worship elements are pretty much the same. Check out whichever one might fit you the best or try out both!


9:30    Classic Worship Service

Using guitar, piano, keyboard and singers, we worship with a mix of old favorites and newer choruses.


We have classes for children of all ages and for students during this hour (Nursery, Pre-school, Elementary, Middle school and High School).

There are a few Adult Bible Fellowship classes offered at 9:30, as well.


11:00  Modern Worship Service

Using guitars, drums, piano, bass, keyboard, singers and a little more volume, we worship with all kinds of songs.


We have classes for Nursery and Pre-school children, and an exciting Children's Church for K-5 students. Middle School and High School students worship with their parents or friends during this time.

There is an Adult Bible Fellowship Class at 11:00, as well.