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Men of Legacy Host a Campfire Event for the K-5 Children

On December 12th the Men of Legacy hosted a campfire for the K-5 Children of Legacy. We had a record number of children attend the event. The men played games with the children, pulled them in a wagon, cooked hot dogs, roasted marshmallows, and created sticky s'mores.  The children had a blast. It was wonderful running, climbing, shouting and laughing. The evening culminated with Tim Paul telling some campfire stories. He allowed some of the children to also share stories. It was great listening to them try out their dramatic story telling voices. Parents please send a “shout out” to Stuart Baldick and the Men of Legacy.

I would also like to thank the Men of Legacy for their growing involvement with our Legacy children. On Sunday mornings, for quite some time now, Tony Piotrowski has faithfully been working with the children in our Movie Studio. Ken Harkness works with our children on Wednesday nights and has no problem getting down on the floor playing games or doing anything else that is needed. Bryan Lindstamer volunteers on Sundays and relates really well to the children. Recently Scott O’Malley has been leading our Drama Studio and if you know Scott this is right up his alley. Tim Paul has also led the Drama Studio utilizing his story telling abilities to teach our children the great stories of the Bible.  I can’t tell you how much all of this impacts our children in their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.  The other side of the picture that thrills me is to see our men loving and leading our children. Having recognized the tremendous work our men are doing, I do not for a minute want to leave out the work of our ladies. We have a super group of caring ladies working with our children. You will be hearing more from me later concerning the specifics of their work in our K-5 program.

-Ken Groff

Minister of Spiritual Development

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Is He Worthy? (December Sermon Series)

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So many people over the course of history have been enamored with Jesus. Why do we celebrate his birth? Why do we listen to his teaching so closely? Why are there still people who are willing to give their lives in order to tell people about who Jesus really is? Is He worthy of all this attention and devotion?

Many others reject Jesus and have done so throughout history. It’s either because they don’t believe He is real, or they don’t like what He represents, or they’ve been misled about who He really is. 

This December we will take a look at Jesus in scripture. We’ll look at what the Christmas story teaches us about who Jesus is, we’ll hear from some of His teachings, and we’ll talk about His sacrifice. We’ll even look at the book of Revelation, where no one in all of heaven and earth is found worthy to open the scroll—except for one.

Is He worthy? Maybe you don’t quite know how to answer that, yet. You should at least hear what the Bible says about Him. Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 or 11:00.