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Is He Worthy? (December Sermon Series)

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So many people over the course of history have been enamored with Jesus. Why do we celebrate his birth? Why do we listen to his teaching so closely? Why are there still people who are willing to give their lives in order to tell people about who Jesus really is? Is He worthy of all this attention and devotion?

Many others reject Jesus and have done so throughout history. It’s either because they don’t believe He is real, or they don’t like what He represents, or they’ve been misled about who He really is. 

This December we will take a look at Jesus in scripture. We’ll look at what the Christmas story teaches us about who Jesus is, we’ll hear from some of His teachings, and we’ll talk about His sacrifice. We’ll even look at the book of Revelation, where no one in all of heaven and earth is found worthy to open the scroll—except for one.

Is He worthy? Maybe you don’t quite know how to answer that, yet. You should at least hear what the Bible says about Him. Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 or 11:00.

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Hurricane Relief

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Hurricane Michael has brought devastation to many people, businesses, organizations and churches in Florida’s panhandle. The prayers of the Legacy family go out to all of them. As many of you know, Legacy gives 10% of our offering to missions around the world. One of the organizations we have supported for many years is International Disaster Emergency Services.

“IDES works in partnership with Christ’s servants around the globe to care for victims of tropical storms (hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones), floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, monsoons, landslides, drought, hail, and windstorms. IDES also cares for refugees and other victims of religious persecution, terrorist attacks, ethnic cleansing, armed conflict and government oppression. Assistance includes the distribution of food, building supplies, water, bedding, cookware and other essentials; repairs to damaged homes and church buildings; storage sheds for victims of U.S. disasters; and replacement of essential items which were destroyed. All of IDES disaster response projects are completed in order to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ.”- IDES.org

IDES is currently working in North Carolina, South Carolina and North Florida in response to Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael. For more information on how our support is being used in these areas, or how you can send additional support, please visit www.ides.org

How you can pray:

  • Pray for those who are grieving the loss of such a huge part of their lives: homes, jobs, belongings, and even loved ones. Pray that God will give them comfort.
  • Pray that God would provide for the needs of those affected. For places to live, food to eat, medical care, jobs, etc.
  • Pray for local businesses to be able to rebuild and open quickly, for jobs to be available, and for lost income to be regained.
  • Pray for our government agencies and officials who are responding to the needs of these communities. Pray for aid to be distributed quickly and efficiently.
  • Thank God for all the churches, businesses and nonprofit organizations like IDES who have been or will be providing aid or helping to rebuild.