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Love, Marriage and Christ

In July of this year Tom and Fran Vann started a four-session series titled Staying In Love by Andy Stanley.  The fruit from that marriage series was tremendous. One couple said, “We wish we would have known much earlier in our marriage what we learned from this class.”  Another couple shared how their family and friends could visibly see the changes they made in their relationship as they applied what they learned. As a result of this first series a new class has been formed, Love, Marriage, and Christ.

As one counselor said, “Most people wait until their marriage is almost unsalvageable before they decide to do anything about it.” Don’t let that be you. The new Love, Marriage, and Christ class is designed for people in all stages of relationships; couples who are engaged or have a serious dating relationship, newlyweds, those with strong long-term marriages, and couples who may be struggling in their marriage. The latest series is a video presentation and workbook by Jimmy and Karen Evans titled Marriage on the Rock.  Topics covered are as follows:

  • The Most Important Issue in Marriage
  • The Four Foundational Laws of Marriage
  • Understanding and Meeting Your Spouses Needs
  • Destructive Husbands and Wives
  • The Power of Positive Communication
  • Financial Management in Marriage
  • Parents: Past and Present
  • Raising Great Children As You Build a Great Marriage
  • Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage
  • Foundations of Successful Blended Families

In the Legacy Community, we want to do all that we can to strengthen your spiritual life, marriage, and family. If this class is of interest to you, contact the church office . The class meets on Sundays at 9:30am in the Office Conference Room.

Legacy Blog Updates

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Do you like to stay in-the-know about upcoming events? Do you enjoy seeing pictures and reading updates from recent trips or events? Do you like to read reflections that can help you learn what it means to live for Christ? This blog will have entries from Legacy’s multiple ministries throughout the year in an effort to help meet these needs. 

We are trying to maximize the impact of our communication efforts. As people’s habits, patterns, and attention spans change, it is helpful to post items on multiple online and social media platforms. So as items are posted on this page, they can also be posted and linked via social media platforms, as well. This maximizes who can see the information and helps increase the likelihood that the information will be read.

If you enjoyed our quarterly newsletter, this blog will also contain some items that were a typical part of that publication. But instead of being created quarterly, new information should be posted on here 2-3 times each month. Additionally, there will be other posts on Facebook and Instagram about 3 times per week. A multi-page publication is a lot of work to create, and we weren’t seeing the readership to justify the amount of time. This method will make the information more available and more timely. While admittedly less printable, hopefully it will end up being more effective.

Thank you for working with us as we try to find the best ways to get the most information to the most people. 

-Legacy CC Staff