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Is He Worthy? (December Sermon Series)

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So many people over the course of history have been enamored with Jesus. Why do we celebrate his birth? Why do we listen to his teaching so closely? Why are there still people who are willing to give their lives in order to tell people about who Jesus really is? Is He worthy of all this attention and devotion?

Many others reject Jesus and have done so throughout history. It’s either because they don’t believe He is real, or they don’t like what He represents, or they’ve been misled about who He really is. 

This December we will take a look at Jesus in scripture. We’ll look at what the Christmas story teaches us about who Jesus is, we’ll hear from some of His teachings, and we’ll talk about His sacrifice. We’ll even look at the book of Revelation, where no one in all of heaven and earth is found worthy to open the scroll—except for one.

Is He worthy? Maybe you don’t quite know how to answer that, yet. You should at least hear what the Bible says about Him. Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 or 11:00.

Legacy Blog Updates

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Do you like to stay in-the-know about upcoming events? Do you enjoy seeing pictures and reading updates from recent trips or events? Do you like to read reflections that can help you learn what it means to live for Christ? This blog will have entries from Legacy’s multiple ministries throughout the year in an effort to help meet these needs. 

We are trying to maximize the impact of our communication efforts. As people’s habits, patterns, and attention spans change, it is helpful to post items on multiple online and social media platforms. So as items are posted on this page, they can also be posted and linked via social media platforms, as well. This maximizes who can see the information and helps increase the likelihood that the information will be read.

If you enjoyed our quarterly newsletter, this blog will also contain some items that were a typical part of that publication. But instead of being created quarterly, new information should be posted on here 2-3 times each month. Additionally, there will be other posts on Facebook and Instagram about 3 times per week. A multi-page publication is a lot of work to create, and we weren’t seeing the readership to justify the amount of time. This method will make the information more available and more timely. While admittedly less printable, hopefully it will end up being more effective.

Thank you for working with us as we try to find the best ways to get the most information to the most people. 

-Legacy CC Staff