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Exciting New Program for K-5th Graders!

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At Legacy Christian Church, we know each child is special and designed to learn in different ways. We recently opened new spaces and redesigned our K-5th grade rooms with that in mind. “Legacy Studios” gives Kindergarten through 5th graders a new learning adventure every week during the 11:00am service. This unique program has our children rotate during the course of a month to four specialized “studios”, designed to pique the interest of multiple learning styles. The creative and hands-on learners will love getting the Bible lesson using art when their group visits the “Art Studio” room. When their group goes to the “Movie Studio,” the visual/auditory learners will love getting the lesson via the big screen. Meanwhile another group will be acting out scenes from the Bible story in the “Drama Studio.” Kids who enjoy dressing up in costumes and using props will likely remember the lesson for a long, long time. In the “Bible Games Studio”, we will use games and game shows to teach the lesson. Kids who learn while moving around enjoy the game-based lessons.   

While we chose this curriculum for its impact on the kids, the truth is that adults also have favorite learning/teaching methods. In Legacy Studios, our teachers get to lead where their passion is.  They also get to dive into the specialized lessons knowing that they only have to teach one lesson for the entire month, as each week a new age group rotates into their room to experience the same lesson. We have room to add more passionate teachers. The odds are good that you read the descriptions above and knew which rooms would be your favorite! Talk to me (Brent Newland, the Children’s Minister), if you want a tour or to see how you could be a part of the Legacy Studios team.

Your children, grandchildren, and neighbors are invited to be a part of Legacy Studios every Sunday at 11:00am.  Every week is a fun new experience.