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New Family Members

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We are happy to welcome the O’Malley family (Scott, Kelly, Chloe, Clark and Carter) who placed their membership with Legacy a couple of weeks ago. The Deitrick family (George, Kellie, Kaylee and George Jr.) also have come along side of Legacy, joining in with everyone here in carrying out God’s work. These are two wonderful families. A few Sundays back Makenna Miller was baptized into Christ and is now a new sister in our family. We are so thankful for these individuals and their desires to partner with us as a body. Legacy, please do not forget that this is a two-way relationship. Pray for each of these new members, let them know you are glad they are with us, check on them to see how they are doing, include them in events, and see what you can do for them. Although several of these new members are young, we all still have a responsibility to them.  As a multi-generational church, we are responsible to everyone including those who do not fit into our age group. Get to know all of them and you will find they are truly a blessing to our body. Thank you all for your commitment to one another. Let us be the Church, “Loving God and Loving People.”