Adult Ministries

Adult Classes & Groups

Because you weren’t meant to do life alone, our Adult Ministries are designed to empower adults to experience connection and foster spiritual growth.

Adult ministries exists to draw us together as Christ-followers in our lives, our homes, our jobs, our community, and our church

We hope and work to be continually growing in our relationship with Jesus through prayer, studying His word, fellowship and service.

Sunday Morning
Adult Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowships are for the purpose of training individuals in the Word of God. Discussion of scripture and personal application in a small group setting allows you to get to know Legacy as friends and family.

9 AM Classes

Three classes are offered during the 9:00 – 10:00 hour.
  • The Life Apps – Lead by KEN GROFF in The Fellowship Hall. Ken is a former schoolteacher and current Minister at Legacy. This class is a Bible class with discussion and interaction on relevant topics and scriptural studies. 
  • Remix – Lead by TIM STINE in Room 9. Tim is a former guidance counselor from the public school system. In this class, we can ask questions, create friendships, and find support. The class studies books of the Bible as well as covers topical scriptural studies. 
  • Kingdom Seekers – Led by Tom Edwards in Room 5. Tom has extensively studied the Bible for many years. In this class, you will be guided through a verse-by-verse study of various books of the Bible. Members also enjoy fellowship outings.
  • Faithful Followers – Lead by Don Stinnett in Room 7. Don and his wife are missionaries to Thailand. Don brings his many years of experience into his teaching. This class has a short time of worship, prayer, and fellowship and then has a Bible study.

Wednesday Night Groups @ 7 pm

living a Legacy

Led by various couples and individuals. This class meets in the auditorium. This class is open to all. It covers various topics such as loving one another well, raising children, managing your finances, navigating relationships, and more!

Men and women of Legacy

Led by Jill McGaffigan, Steve Brooke, and Ken Groff.
Women meet in Room 9.
Men meet in the auditorium.
It is the first Wednesday of each month.
These breakout sessions are for the purpose of Men and Women having the safety and opportunity to share things at a more personal level.

Wed. Night Adult Bible Study

Lead by Jim Moore in Room 7

This class will take you intensely into scripture in a study that desires to be both deep and wide.
This is the place for your practical and theological questions. Scripture is presented in a verse-by-verse style, reflecting Legacy’s love for the Word and the truth found in it.
Here we challenge you to examine the scripture in context and through the lenses of theology, history, language, culture, and personal faith.
These timeless and timely concepts are designed to bring out the eternal relevance of God’s message to the modern world.

Community groups (Various Days)

Our Community Groups are a vital part of the body here at Legacy Christian Church in Lakeland. Community groups are creative and dynamic. These group activities include service projects, eating meals together, game nights, prayer, and Bible study. 

It is through our small groups that one-on-one ministry and discipling take place. Deep friendships and support are developed through these intimate settings.

Each group has a leader who provides the discipling material and facilitates discussion. The groups have hosts who open their homes throughout the Lakeland area.

Individual groups meet on various days of the week, typically involving 8-12 members.

New groups form throughout the year, and new members are always welcome to join as availability allows. Some groups meet throughout the Summer; others are seasonal only.